Nenonen Juha

> 3.10.19 - 30.11.19 La galerie La Ferronnerie fête ses 30 ans ! A la galerie la Ferronnerie + 6 lieux rue Folie-Méricourt Paris 11e

> 23.01.14 - 1.03.14 Natures Vénéneuses, Galerie la Ferronnerie, Paris
avec Yoan Béliard, Xavier Gautier, Richard Müller

> 06.11.13 - 20.12.13, Au bord, carte blanche à Brigitte Négrier,Institut Finlandais, Paris, France

> 13.12.11 - 26.01.12, ECLATS, group show, galerie la Ferronnerie, Paris

> 8.11.08 au 11.12.08 'Manipulations'
Mois de la Photo à Paris, galerie la Ferronnerie, Paris

Juha Nenonen is used to creating confusion. Apparently, nothing happens in his photos, but there is an ambiguity lying just under the surface. He limits himself to three types of images:still life, landscapes and portraits, referring to the familiar traditional genres of European painting.
For Nenonen, a thing only exists when it has been named: the camera is not just there to record things but to create its own subject. He does not believe in titles: instead, his works have explanations in quotes. His aim is also to examine systematization, standardization and classification by photographing the stereotypes of traditional European culture.